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Vilsack, Pederson announce new Administrator of Latino Affairs

Democrats say businesses that hire workers who are

in the country illegally use them to push down wages.



"It's an acknowledgment of the problem, but it's the wrong solution," said Armando Villareal, administrator of the Iowa Division on Latino Affairs. "The fact is, this country is running on illegal work, and on the one hand, we don't like it, and on the other hand, we can't live without it."

Latino Affairs director not eager for immigration debate

Dec. 26, 2007

"Globalization displaces workers. Traditionally in Latin American countries, when there are economic changes, people head to the capital," said Armando Villareal, Director of the Texas Immigrant and Refugee Coalition, an Austin-based umbrella of advocacy and service groups. "Well, the capital country of this globalization effort is the U.S.

"You can imagine a huge 'Want Ad' sign stuck in the United States, and it's facing Latin America.”


May 10. 2001

Maiz Profundo

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February 2011

by Armando Villarreal

So how does the word Brisa, which is found in poetry and song, with its images of a coastal breeze— How can a petroleum coke burning, smoke puffing, clunky plant be called “Las Brisas?”

Houston Chronicle

"Immigration is directly tied to NAFTA," Villareal says before confirming that Iowa meatpackers actively recruited workers in Mexico so they could continue to ship one of every three pounds of pork from Iowa slaughterhouses to the rest of America.

Among the big losers in Iowa: Immigration as a wedge issue

Web Posted: 01/04/2008 11:19 PM CST

Carlos Guerra

San Antonio Express-News

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In-State Testimony before Senate Education Committee: 11 April 2001

Education does not mean closed doors. Open the. I walked through one. Immigrants invigorate and keep the promise of America alive.

Testimony before State House Committee on Public Safety: 9 April 2001

An entire series of problems have broken loose ever since the social security number became a condition to get a driver’s license. And the restriction to only accept a Canadian birth certificate raises questions.

Wait in line

by Armando Villarreal

The next morning the word is down like a hangover—illegal, illegal, illegal.

Sketch by Sam Coronado