In 1976 while living in Colorado, Armando was recruited by Willie Velasquez to direct the fieldwork for the Southwest Voter Registration Project. Armando went right to work and two years later he organized on-site and funded 176 local coalitions across five southwestern states which made possible for voter registration to significantly increase. In the process many political jurisdictions were successfully challenged by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) in the courts for gerrymandering. This opened up a community of votes into play, making possible for Latinos to get elected to local, state and national positions.

Armando in Edwards County, discussing gerrymandering with a local resident who later became a plaintiff.


Edwards county located northwest from San Antonio was among the first counties litigated for gerrymandering.


Southwest Voter Registration Education Project

The Early Years

Willie going over photo thumbnails proof for first newsletter.

Rick Casey and Willie reviewing text for first newsletter.

Willie reviewing list of counties targeted for voter registration campaigns.

Andy Hernandez, center, going over counties’ population and registration data.

Staff meeting.

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Andy Hernandez

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